Are you as hyped as we are for this upcoming season? You probably are. After creeping on Instagram stories of everyone riding rope tows in Minnesota or hiking the Bone Zone at Brighton in Utah, it’s now our time to make you a little jealous. Quebec’s finest DIY, aka Louif’s backyard, just started firing up this past weekend as it held the Homie’s Team Retreat 2019. Boutique Homie’s is a board shop from Chicoutimi, that has been running around for almost ten years now. Throwing down countless events and supporting riders on the local scene for the past decade, they recently added to their roster none other than the “Big Patron” himself. Coronas, hot-dogs and friends made this first gathering of the season a true success. WARNING: the riding and good times in these photographs might make you a little jealous. – Joseph Roby

[o] Joseph Roby

Alex Gens
Alex Vézina
Daddy Frank April and baby Benoit
Frank and Franks
Frank April
Frank Bélanger
Louif Paradis
Nic Tremblay
Phil Couture
Rémy Fournier
Seb Picard
Seb Picard
Vince Grandmaison
Xavier Boudreau
Xavier Boudreau
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