This past Saturday, March 7th, in Bromont, QC, we experienced one of Quebec’s biggest snowboard gathering of the season. The Empire Games, presented by Empire, Monster Energy, Burton Snowboards, Swatch, Volcom & Oakley. This unique event has been rolling for a couple of years now, but this year’s Bromont stop was a special one for many reasons.

First of all, the "not so cold" temperatures, paired with a blue-bird sky, helped put a smile on everyone faces. The surreal course that our friends at Today’s Parks created allowed everyone to ride as fast as they could, and definitely tested their willingness to go full throttle on crazy features.

What was really awesome though, is this event brought together riders from different snowboard disciplines. Park rats, urban jibbers, boardercross racers, first-timers, mixed up skiers, and anyone else who loves to strap in. I have to mention that, every year, the main goal is to beat the boardercross guys. Nothing personal about it, just the satisfaction of a free rider going as fast as he can, even with a chipped board and an imperfect tune. I’ll let the podium speaks for itself.

Another special mention to Empire for bringing in a Rail Jam component to this event. And to give away this much money on in the cash purse is really something to mention in today’s state of amateur contests in the snowboard community. The show was unbelievable, literarily everyone was there, and if you were not, we’ll let you take look at the following images.

Words and photos | @jos_robyphoto

The Super Demo brings all the dopest brand in the industry together for you to demo next years top products.
All proceeds from the 5$ race inscription fee are going to the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation (DOLF). OJO FOREVER.
Everybody that showed up at Bromont, Montagne d’expériences got a 20$ Empire gift card. Take it or leave it.
Marjorie Couturier all smiles.
Juniors got the first turns of the day.
First James Savard Fergusson, Second Alexis Cyr Bousquet, Third Edmond Lefebvre.
Women’s Podium | First, Clara Chapman. Second, Fanny Girardin. Third, Amélia Haman Côté.
Some of Quebec’s finest filmmakers, Julien Choinière and Anthony Drolet.
Course looking amazing, and Super Demo firing up.
Men’s riders meeting given by Today’s Rene Caza. You better listen.
Snow Poetry. Thomas Folly lost the first race to the board cross guy, let the rivalry begin.
Alex Lopez way ahead of anyone else.
This picture could be used to describe the whole race event. Low light, blurry, Charles Pratte grabbing and winning against a really fine-tuned boarder.
High speed sync.
Charles Pratte, ahead again.
Phil Fournier stoked about his trip out East.
Did I mentioned Charles Pratte was ahead ?
Men’s podium | First, Charles Pratte. Second, Chris Collard. Third, Phil Fournier.
"Yo, is that Gore-Tex?"
On to the Rail Jam, Seb Picard just cruising.
Gab Jacques about to Transfer to Front Board.
All time judging panel | Nic Fauteux, Alexis Mailhot, Vincent Bazinet and René Caza.
Were you there?
Frank April, Switch Front Blunt for the camera guy. Thank you, Frank!
The man of the hour, Frank Jobin Switch Back 270 to Reg
Frank Bélanger. Frontside Blunt for the camera guy. Thank you Frank!
Nic Laframboise, was that a Switch Backside 360 in, Half-Cab Out ?
I hope these guys did not forget the 10% rule! Men’s Rail jam podium | First, Frank Jobin. Second, Nic Laframboise. Third, Gab Jacques.
No Gore-Tex involved, they got wet.
Top Ten, in no particular order. Nic Laframboise, Phil Tardif, Charles Morency, Émile Prudhomme, Gab Jacques, Frank Bélanger, Frank Jobin, Jérémy Cloutier, Seb Picard, Jo Truchon.
Alaclair Ensemble closed this amazing day in a bang. Thanks, Empire and everyone involved.
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