Last week, the 10th Holy Bowly went down at Sunshine Village in Banff, Alberta. This event brings snowboarders together to ride one of the most unique terrain parks in the world. It’s a course built for flow and creativity. It’s far from being a competition. It’s more like a real-life bonus level in a video game. There are endless variations and ways to interpret all the transitions. Every run through the course is different. There’s total freedom to carve your own line. The end result is a week of everyone feeding off one another, seeing new possibilities, and super boosting your imagination. We did our best to capture a taste of it while still making sure to enjoy a few runs without the cameras rolling. We hope you enjoy the video and photos. Be inspired, go out and ride, create, and have fun.

Words & Photos by Rob Lemay

Jack MacDougall

Austen Sweetin

Cannon Cummins

Charlie VanDemark

Derek Molinski

Jody & Derek

Elena Graglia

Forest Bailey

Sean Genovese

Hikaru Taira

Iris Pham

Jake Antisdel

Kai Ujeski

Keenan Filmer

Keenan Filmer

Kaishi Obata

Kaishi Obata

Stefan Alvarez

Truth Smith

Taylor Roberts

Tucker Andrews & Forest Bailey

Austen Sweetin & Matteo Soltane

Anthony Mazzotti

Cannon Cummins

J. Deforge

Ben Poechman


Jody Wachniak

Naoto, ECS, Juno, Hikaru

Rake therapy

Nick Elliott & Derek Molinski

Keenan Filmer

Pickle & company

Thanks to Sunshine Village, Lib Technologies, Airblaster, The Source, Arena Snowparks, and the Quality Hand Jobs crew who made it all possible.
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