Chicoutimi, Quebec. A world-renowned destination for street spots. Steep hills, long-ass rails and the classic factory ruins. What you probably don't know is, it also produced one of the all-time great backcountry boarders, David Carrier-Porcheron aka DCP. The first edition of the 418 Reunion (La Réunion 418) took place at David's home resort, a powder heaven called Le Valinouet.
Early morning, last Friday, 100 passionate snowboarders reunited and met, the expectations were high. Why? One side of the mountain is usually closed during the week, and a foot of fresh snow was about to be served on hand and foot to us lucky bastards. The sun was out, and the race to powder started as soon as we got up there. Friends, cliffs, downhill racing and BBQ'ing made the perfect recipe to a perfect day.
A special Thank you to all the sponsors involved and to Claude-David Gaudreault for putting on such a sick day. I'll let the photos speak for myself. - King Snow Senior Photographer, [o] Joseph Roby

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