Snowboy Productions, are these guys everywhere? It feels like it. All you see online is one banger session after another, and Back in the Village was no different. Every Albertan boarder showed up and put on for three days at Sunshine Village. 

With the setup nestled right under the Strawberry chair, homies were able to holler while going up, and everyone was able to get after it, lap after lap, with big features like hips, and small features like surfable chunder lines made by the snow cat. The weather was also blue bird for all three days, providing the best conditions we could have asked for. 

Thank you so much SRD and Snowboy for putting this on. Alberta is a little hidden gem of rope-tow and prairie riding talent, and it’s nice when we get to show off for a couple of days. – William Fraser

All Photos [o] Tommy Berlin

Tommy Van, Blunt 270
Dylan Vachon, NoseBonk
Lucio DM, Fs Board
Finn Westbury, Handplant
Lucio DM, Backside Lip
JJ Westbury, Backside Air
Gregor Zed, Backside Lip
Finn Westbury, Wallride
Brett Mills, Backside Lip
Gregor Zed
Andy James, Switch Backside Lip
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