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Snowboarding has given plenty to Marie-France Roy. In return, she’s delivered in excess to the community she loves and causes she believes in. Born out of a passion for all things skate-snow-surf, Marie-France along with friend Alicia Gilmore created the Westcoast Triple Plank. More of a gathering than a contest, the goal of the event is to raise awareness for a cause and increase participation on the board. The three-day event is an open call to anyone willing to rip the holy triad of boardsports accessible on the Westcoast.

Hugo Chartier, Mt. Washington, BC.

“I think it's great to create events that promote our community of board sports and it's a great opportunity to raise money and awareness for something that protects these activities. Last year we raised over $7,000 for the Central Westcoast Forest Society. We don't want anyone serious, there are plenty of prizes but we don't want to do prize money. If you're here to “win” or too serious, we might rig the results [laughs]. There's so much competitiveness in these sports—it's important to have fun. These are easily accessible activities for kids to get out and exercise, there's a whole social aspect to it and you're active and building self-esteem. That’s what we want to promote. We're going to keep doing it. And I would like to clean it up a little, but I want to keep it rugged, too. It's not serious and we wanna keep it that way.” —Marie-France Roy

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For more info, stay tuned to @westcoasttripleplank on Instagram and Facebook. To donate or learn more about the Central Westcoast Forest Society, visit clayoquot.org

[o] Erin Hogue

Marie-France Roy & Charlotte Montgomer, Tofino, BC
Jermey Randall, Tofino, BC

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