That’s a wrap on another stellar WSSF or World Ski and Snowboard Festival for those living under a rock the past couple decades. It’s an inherent part of the culture in Whistler and serves as a traditional cap off to the winter season. Thank you to all the organizers for keeping it alive.

With standout events like Multiplicity that bring you heartfelt talks from the likes of legends like Jon Turk and awe-inspiring short films produced in the 72hour Filmmaker Showdown, the week leaves you inspired and motivated like no other festival.

There’s so much packed into the five-day festival. Art, music, film, skiing, and snowboarding are the bones of a week that can change your life. You can fall in love, meet new lifelong friends, mentors, artists, and find some inner potential you might not of known was there. 

Check out these photos from the Halaw Snowboarding Big Air and we’ll see you there next year.

Jack MacDougall on his way to top spot
Carter Jarvis with a tripple Wildcat
Nic Laframboise mid flight
Jamie Anderson style points
Brooke Voigt melon poke
Mikey Ciccarelli going for gold
Laurie Blouin lining it up
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