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SEB PICARD, Cab 270 Lip, Varennes, QC. [o] Joseph Roby

Seb's mental 270 Lipslide ender from the Toonies video looks even crazier frozen in time.


LOUIF PARADIS, Boardslide, Hokkaido, Japan. [o] Perly

Printed photos are all the rage, put your phone down.


The videographer responsible for your favourite adidas snowboard videos shares his vision.

RIPPING INTERVIEW, Quin Ellul | By Liam Glass

Heavy question for you, Quin. What's the point of it all?
"Easy question. Having fun. That’s the only reason I street snowboard and film parts."

YOU HAVE ARRIVED, The North Face in JapanBy Jesse Fox

"“On a planet you can circumnavigate from any screen with a connection, secret stashes are rare.”

WITHOUT A PADDLE | By Nick Khattar

"It took us over nine hours of the most excruciating pain I have ever endured. My shoulders feel as if they are made of ground beef and my hands ache as if I have been turning butter in an icebox."

20•21 OUTERWEAR PREVIEW | Jackets, Bibs, Pants

The only outerwear worth purchaing is highlighted here.

BALANCED, 72 Hours w/Scott Serfas & Rob Lemay | By Rob Lemay

Two photographers making the magic happen.

“I’m a perfectionist. I’m never really satisfied and always want more.” –Scott Serfas

TOONIES, Behind the Scenes | By Joseph Roby

Gain perspective from what could be the street video of the year.

"Not everyone is fit for this role, both as a person and a rider. It demands commitment and sacrifice to ride through the winter as if it was your last.” 


“That winter I went on one of the sickest trips of my life.”

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