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Mammouth Durette, 50-50 to Lipslide. Quebec City, QC. [o] Joseph Roby

Mammouth gets his first cover filming for Patches. With all the stunts Mammouth has pulled it feels right to finally see him on the cover.


SEB PICARD, Front Blunt, Point Rogue, PQ. [o] Joseph Roby

Flipping pages is more satisfying than scrolling.

Community Connected • Spencer O'Brien | By Steph Lake

"Life is a journey—you don’t know what it has in store for you, but it is a journey nonetheless. In this issue’s Community Connected, we catch up with Canadian snowboard icon, X Games legend, and Olympian, Spencer O’Brien, and dive into her own journey towards self-discovery."

A Guide To Winter Camping • Nitro x Wasted Youth | By Nick Khatar

"This isn't longing on the beach. It's barely a vacation."

FABRIC | By Robin Van Gyn

"Her five-part series looks to veterans and up-and-comers to weave a story of mentorship and building. Fabric hits with ambition, curiosity, and tenacity— with Robin at the helm, it's no wonder."


"Snowboarding’s history is just beginning. But a significant inflection point on this timeline is being revealed. For the first time, snowboarders are raising snowboarders in substantial numbers. This shift will significantly affect the number of boarders on the hill, the power of our community, and the way snowboarding will be in the future."

MAS The Marc-Andre Seguin Interview | By Joseph Roby

"From being the little park kid out of Gatineau to becoming the most prolific snowboarder in China, we present you with, the MAS interview."

RIPPING INTERVIEW, Austin Johnson | By Liam Glass 

BEST STORY EVER | By Jeff Keenan

"To my shock, I see Jonas on the road with two RCMP officers in headlocks. He was the soberest of us, so what the fuck was going on?!"

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