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Will Kovacic, Rogers Pass, BC. [o] Alastair Spriggs

Will and Alastair snag the cover while ripping on the Trans-Canada highway. I'm sure these pillows have been mind ridden to death, but only a handful have hiked up to turn the dream into a reality.


Matt Belzile, Backside Rodeo 720, Whistler, BC. [o] Colin Adair

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Community Connected • Sandy Ward | By Matt Coté

"Being well-recognized in the community, not just for being Indigenous, but for being good and successful [is really powerful]."—Mikey Barton

Finn Westbury • Interviewed | By JJ Westbury

"I let it build over those two years to the point of self-implosion. I just became so burned out." —Finn Westbury

Lessons • Louif Paradis | By William Fraser

"Often when I’m feeling a little lazy, I ask myself, “Are you physically capable of doing it?” If the answer is, yes, I’m capable, I’ll just do it. Snowboarding has taught me to do the job if I can." —Louif Paradis

RIPPING | Tyler Lightfoot

"I knew the lifestyle I wanted and I would do whatever I needed to make it work."

Best Story Ever • Sam Taxwood

"I don't know how we all made our flights that morning. But by the grace of God I was waiting in the lobby with my luggage."

2023 Product Preview

A fool-proof guide to the best product available. Check out our 'What's Good?' online reviews for more.


a King Snow film

Premiering Fall 2022 • Frank Bélanger, Phil Couture, David Tourigny, Phil Carpentier, Seb Picard, Stefan ‘Taco’ Alvarez, Jake Whitburn, Austin Johnson, Manu Calvo, Tanner Davidson, Conner Felix, Gregor Zed, Taylor Davies, Quin Ellul, Finn Westbury

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