There's a new issue, it's true. And this one is special. It has an 18-page feature on our latest film View From Nowhere. if you haven't seen it yet or need to see it again hit our YouTube to get an eye full. There's much more to the issue. Have a look below, subscribe and/or hound your local shop for a copy✌️


David Tourigny, Back Tail, Montreal, QC. [o] Jaysson Gallant

In the midst of collecting standout clips for View From Nowhere. David Tourigny and Jaysson Gallant team up and tick all the boxes for their first cover. Spot ✔️ Trick ✔️ Style ✔️ Scene ✔️


Seb Picard, Boardslide 270, Quebec City, PQ. [o] Joseph Roby

Stop swiping, start appreciating. Print approves.

Nose Rider • Nicholas Wolken | By Jesse Fox

"There wasn't a lot of free style in snowboarding, you weren't really free to style the way you wanted."—Nicholas Wolken

Deconstructing Gender Conformity, You're Welcome | By Lauren Powers

"Being inclusive, changing our language, and opening our minds is essential to the evolution of not just snowboarding, but humanity as a whole." —Lauren Powers

Lessons • Mark McMorris | By William Fraser

"I can't think of a more challenging time and powerful life lesson than perseverance." —Mark McMorris

RIPPING • Mateo Massitti | By Dustin Craven

"Canadian backcountry snowboarding has a bright future with young guys like Mateo around to rip it up."—Dustin Craven

RENDEZVOUS | By Alex Beebe

"Adam Franks, Ben Poechman and Nick Elliott. These riders decided they wanted to maximize their time riding resorts this year and film as much of it as possible. Being primarily street snowboarders, these guys have spent countless hours driving through cities looking for spots. Now they've moved to exploring resorts from sunrise to sunset to see what they could make happen."

View From Nowhere | By Finn Westbury

"What if we could break down the barriers that create unwarranted tension between crews? What if we could film a video where everyone works together? This idea has been bouncing around for years. It was just never the right time, too complicated, a pipe dream. This past year, something clicked. After years of Covid stagnation, everyone shared the same burning desire to mix things up. It was time. Without the need to clearly state it, we all realized that the chance to link up for a Canada-wide video must be capitalized on. In the end, there were 15 of us locked in: Gregor Zed, Quin Ellul, Taylor Davies, Austin Johnson, Frank Belanger, Phil Couture, Phil Carpienter, Jake Whitburn, Stefan "Taco" Alvarez, Manuel Calvo, Seb Picard, Conner Felix, David Tourigny, Tanner Davidson, and myself. A snapshot of the current generation of street snowboarding North of the 49th parallel, ranging from seasoned vets like Tanner to young rail brutes like David. This video became View From Nowhere."

Best Story Ever • Tanner Davidson

"'You guys must be Australian.' I laughed and asked why, 'Because you seem very comfortable with sharks,' he said. Well fuck. That was the last thing we wanted to hear."

2023 Outerwear Preview

A fine collection of fits. Check out our 'What's Good?' online reviews for our hardgood reviews.

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