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Matt Belzile, Backside 720, Whistler, BC. [o] Ben Girardi

Matt has been a standout in snowboarding for decades now. He continues to push his limits and fitness his style in the Whistler backcountry. Here he lands his first King Snow Mag cover sending a backside 7 to the moon while filming for The Manboys' movie Plank.


Dan Liedahl, 50-50, Cleveland, Ohio. [o] Oli Gagnon

(Some of) the best photos of the year in a well-designed gallery.

Craig Kelly • 20 Years Later | By Jody Wachniak

It's been two decades since Craig Kelly passed and we're still being inspired and influenced by his legacy.

"As a general rule, it's better to just be living for the moment because if you plan ahead, you might just not make it that far." —Craig Kelly

No Geo Tags • The North Face in Bralorne, BC. | By Jesse Fox

"There's no grocery store, no Uber Eats and the closest 7-Eleven is a six-hour drive. The only convenience is the insane mountain access."

Lessons • Jess Kimura | By William Fraser

"People don't like to say 'sport,' and they don't like to say 'team,' but being in it for yourself only gets you so far, and it's not nearly as fun." —Jess Kimura

RIPPING • Jesse Jarrett | By Liam Glass

"With an aptitude, work ethic and style well beyond his years, you can’t help but be excited to see Jesse snowboard."—Liam Glass

Nelson. Whitewater. & The Bald Tire Tourists | By Jesse Fox

A five-day mission with Rome riders: Frank Jobin, Madison Blackley and Nate Haust

Style: An Exploration

By William Fraser & Dan Zimmerman

"I don’t want you to think I’m sad about the current or future state of snowboarding. I’m a dark optimist. I get so much encouragement from your generation. There seems to be so much outside of our control, yet you and your peers embrace its complexity and fluidity in a wonderful way." —Uncle Brett

Best Greatest Story Ever • Mikey LeBlanc

"“It’s happening. Get here if you can.” That was the message I received while I was traveling in Europe from a friend. One of my best friends, Jason “J2” Rasmus, was reaching his final moments in this lifetime."

2023 Goggles, Helmets, Accessories Preview

A fine collection. Check out our 'What's Good?' online reviews for reviews.

Community Connected • Snowboy Productions | By Rob Lemay

"Their most significant impact began more recently by focusing on groups lacking representation. The Snowboy stage is now a catalyst for progress in our community."

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