1st Annual Baked Salmon, Mt. Seymour

Tyler Quarles is the art director and designer of King Snow Magazine, he's also one of snowboarding's biggest fans. He lit up the berms yesterday at Mt. Seymour for the 1st Annual Baked Salmon race and shared these photos with us. Events like these are special, the snowboarding community will thrive and survive because of the people and sponsors that put in the effort to make great gatherings like this happen. Take note and go snowboarding.

An email recap and photos by Tyler Quarles.

"So much fun today guys. I’m so beat after a full day of sun and riding dozens and dozens of Seymour laps. Office legs!

Jeff Keenan, Tony Lefroy, Dave Bernie, Nic Heringa, Danny Korath, Scott Fierbach and countless others helped put together an event that brought all generations into the mix. Truly a “race” celebrating snowboarding, community, the memory of Travis Hilliard, and our home mountain Mt. Seymour. All of this without any corporate agenda or general concern for tomorrow.

The event sold-out in less then an hour. Even after two refills of numbers and wavers! People were lined up long before the 9AM registration start. Pros and groms a-like came out from all corners of the province. SO cool to see."


Boys 16 -

Dexter Noris 57.98

Nic Corazzin 58.54

Noah Eccles 63.08

Men 17 +

David Joncas 50.01

Will Jackwaze 50.02

Alex Stathis 50.25

Imanuel Anderson 50.39

Lucas Ovellete 50.59

Myrosha Daley 50.71

Beau Bishop 50.85

Ian Keay 51.25

Nicolas Bertrand 51.26

Tyler Quarles 51.46


Spencer Obrian 54

Gillian Andero 55.16

Laura ( Park Staff) 57.72

Darrah Redi-Mclea 58.08

Chloe Woodroff 58.69

Hana Beaman 59.02

Leanne Pelosi 61.46

Varvara Krasneva 61.77

Jessie Broster 61.91

Mutisimi 65.86

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