2017 Gear Guide Preview

It's here! Our 2017 Gear Guide. This issue is rammed full with World's Greatest Gear from the best brands in the industry and topped nicely with images, interviews, and product tips from the pros who know best. Winter is coming, prepare accordingly. Subscribe now! 

The Cover: It’s amazing what you can create with 8 cans of spray paint, old snowboard gear, a kinked rail, and a drone…

Derek Molinski, Frontside Boardslide, Blackcomb Glacier. Photo, Crispin Cannon. Drone pilot, Jeff Patterson

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Our board feature focuses on Surfy Shapes and highlight offerings from the best brands in the industry....

Surfy Shapes - “We’re reconnecting with waist widths, surface area, volume, sidecuts, carving, and maybe even nature. Riding one board was silly. Switching your deck will adjust your mindset and adjust the way you ride.”

Photos, Jeremy Koreski

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Snowboarding necessities…

Boots, Bindings, Beers - “Some prefer a bold, full-bodied, dark, organic, boot, paired with an elegant but robust crafted binding. While others may indulge in a distinctive, classic, light boot, paired with a vibrant, well-balanced, premium binding. Whatever your taste—these brands have your palate covered.”

Photos, Crispin Cannon

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Find shelter in outerwear….

Life is a Storm - “Life is gnarly for some people. As many as 7,000 youth are sleeping on the streets on any given night. — In these images are the places where many kids have been forced to spend the night. Massive thanks to all these brands. They've kindly donated technical wearable shelter to those in need, through Covenant House covenanthouse.org”

Photos, Crispin Cannon

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Just because the opinions are of those who are paid to endorse it, it doesn’t mean it’s not true…

The World’s Greatest Gear - “These dudes are better than you: They’re pros, they’re superior—they’re goddamn champions. Their meals are tastier, their girls are fitter, they shred circles around you and while they shit greatness, you want to be them. You’d sell your soul to the devil to live out their lives. But you can’t. They’re untouchable. — Shockingly, the gear they ride is readily available.”

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HOME… Anto Chamberland’s guide to the good life in Montreal.

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Goggle tans on helmet beach… Or, 50 Shades of Iridium.

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