Switch Backside 180, Whistler, BC. [o] Ben Girardi

“I’ve always liked boards that perform well at high speeds, super stable yet still have enough snap for ollies and freestyle. I set my stance back a bit, and have a very little negative angle on my back binding. I am going forward 95% of the time so I like to put myself in a good stance for riding fast. I also like to ride a wider board, I hate toe and heel drag when making a deep turn on a groomer, it also provides less drag in powder and a little more volume for more float. 

Tip: Wax your snowboard as much as possible. It’s a game-changer. There’s nothing worse than watching your friends pass you on a cat road, and there’s no better feeling than cruising past your friends on that same road."

Ride | Berzerker, 160 Wide

“The Berzerker does everything: pow, park, groomers and side hits. It’s a Swiss Army knife. It’s got camber between the feet, and an early rise on the nose to keep you afloat in the pow. It’s stiff enough to go really fast, and just soft enough to snap good ollies. Perfect for powder and would recommend it for somebody with a bit of experience.”

Ride | Fuse

“Medium-flex boot, comfortable fit and great right out of the box. Takes me a day to feel super comfortable, the quickest break-in period for any boot I’ve had. The durability is amazing, it has a Michelin rubber sole, and a rubber toe cap. They're bombproof. This boot has a Boa that tightens the ankle down, and laces for the rest. A great mix of both worlds. These boots are perfect, I swear by them.”

Ride | A-10

“I really like how the stiff carbon highbacks feel at high speeds. It's a comfortable good-looking binding. Super lightweight, but it’s stiffer, high-end binding for the experienced rider.” 

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