Whistler, BC [o] Colin Adair

"In my opinion, the C2 camber profile from Lib is the best for powder. Jumping and landing in powder, keeping that nose afloat so you don't burn out the back leg. It’s the perfect balance between full reverse and traditional camber. If you are new to snowboarding, C2 is much more forgiving and easier to control. Reverse camber between the bindings, and regular camber from your feet to the nose and tail. 

I sharpen the edges of my snowboards once a month and file down the four top corners of the board to prevent hanging up on the lip of a jump when spinning. My board needs to feel right and look right. Sticker placement, the shape of the nose and tail, and board graphics are important. Confidence in the way your setup looks may sound superficial, but that confidence will translate to how you ride if you feel good on what you’re riding.”

Lib Tech | Rasman Pro, 161 and 159

“When developing my board, pulling it out of the T.Rice line for 2021, I wanted to keep those foundations but add my flavour. It's got the T.Rice Pro construction, with a slightly tapered tail and larger nose for those deep pow days and landings. The blunted shape of the nose and tail makes it awesome in the park, and it simply looks cool under your feet. With the shape, its flex and pop, and its ability to handle rough and bumpy landings. It shines riding lines, dropping cliffs, and hitting powder jumps. I love it on the resort, too. It's aggressive, yet flexy in the right places. Definitely a park/pow hybrid.”

Flux | XF's

“I love these because they are stiff and supportive in the right places, yet have enough flex and forgiveness so you don't sacrifice style and proper grab tweaks. The straps and ratchets are awesome. Very comfy. It's a medium-stiff flex binding. You can put them on a soft park board, or a stiff freeride board, and you'll be stoked.”

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