Wall tap to Backside 270 Boardslide, Seguenay, QC. [o] Renrob

"Ride camber! It’s more poppy and responsive. And personally I like when the nose and tail of my boards have different shapes. I've been riding my board setback this year, I like the setback feel, even on rails. I wax almost every day but never scrape my board unless I need speed for jumps. Rails are so fun with a layer of wax on your base."

Rome | National, 156

“It’s a really good all-around board. It’s playful but really powerful when you need it. The National is good for any type of riding, I use it for street/jibs, slopestyle and powdays. I like not having to switch up boards depending on what terrain I ride. Very versatile.”

Rome | D.O.D.

“One of the most powerful bindings from Rome. They’ll bring out the full capacity of your board. They are so responsive and strong. The Targa is for riders who like bindings with maximum support.”

Vans | Infuse

“I’ve always been picky with boots. I like the Infuse because it’s a customized fit. It can be tied super supportive or more flexible. I like the ankle Boa—it keeps my heels down. I usually take off the tongue stiffeners and put my old liners in the new boots, so it never really feels like new boots. I put the new liners in once they get more flexible.”

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