Frontside 900, Whistler, BC. [o] Duncan Sadava

“I’m the same as everyone else, caught up in my own lil’ world of snowboarding. I like something classic, I’m not into weird shapes unless it snowed over 40cm then give me the missile. I wax as much as I can, it works and I love cruising cat tracks. I detune my edges 15 times on each side from all types of angles and use them to make dope lines down the mountain. And I and I can’t snowboard unless I measure my stance a 100 times. I look down and see perfection.”

K2 | Broadcast, 156

“I live in the mountains and this board works for everything, maybe not the best pipe board but let's be honest, I’m from Winnipeg so I don’t ride aggressively in the pipe. It looks and feels like a normal snowboard, no gimmicks. It's for someone who wants to buy one board and save the rest of their money to invest in Bitcoin so they can buy a Lambo.”

K2 | Formula

“The flex is dialled and they come in black. I love the dual adjustable toe cap, it’s fresh. It’s the best binding because when you grab indy you can poke it in all the right places without looking like a G.I.Joe—epic feeling.”

Vans | Infuse 

“Once you break it in it will last you hundreds of days. This boot is like a Tesla, it’s better in the long run. The Boa and lace custom tightening is tight. Boa locks my ankle into place, the laces keep the snow out. These boots are stiff in the right places so I can ride aggressively, but I like blunts a lot and they gots the flex in needed areas.”

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