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Kennedi Deck knows what’s good. Check out what she’s riding into the 2022 season.

“I love a softer cambered board. Something with a lot of pop but also playful. Not too soft though, I want it to be able to hold an edge and turn. I'm super-picky about my stance, I like looking down on an equal nose and tail. I usually like to do a little drawing on my board, or hand draw my sponsor logos on. Keep it unique.” —Kennedi Deck

Stance | Regs, 19.5” wide, front foot + 9 back foot -9

Vans | Hi-Standard

“These boots fit perfectly fresh out of the box, no need to break them in. No crazy bells and whistles, these are just a good classic boot. Best for someone starting out, skaters, or park rats.”

K2 | Spellcaster, 145 and 147

“The Spellcaster is good on all types of terrain. It doesn't limit you to the park, you can rip the hill on it. It has soft camber for pressing but still gives lots of pop.”

K2 | Meridian

“The Meridian works well on all terrain. They have the best heel straps, just soft plastic with no foam getting in the way. Softer highbacks that flex perfectly with your board and body.”

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