Mark Sollors Frontside 360 [o] @Colinadair

If anyone knows Burton, it's Mark Sollors. Check out what he's riding for the 2022 season.

"Here’s a little insider on my setup. The Burton Hometown Hero is my go-to board right now, but I set it up in a funky way. Instead of setting my bindings up consistent with the reference points, I actually bumped my stance forward so it’s about an inch off reference. This throws off the board’s geometry a bit, but I find it makes the board a lot more freestyle friendly, and the extra bit of new tail gives me so much more pop off jumps." - Mark Sollors

Stance | regular, 22.25-22.5 wide, front foot +15ish and back foot -10ish.

Burton | ION BOA

"For me, this boot is Goldie Locks. Not too stiff, not too soft. Just right. It’s also really well built and versatile for all types of terrain. BOA is the shit, too: quick, easy, and the new H4 dials are built to pop off and put back on just in case you smash them on something. These boots are great out of the box and stay fairly consistent. I would recommend them to all mountain riders, jumpers, and backcountry folk."

Burton | Hometown Hero, 160/165

"I love this board because it’s such an easy board to ride on the resort and in the backcountry. It’s quick and nimble so you can rip through trees. It’s directional camber with lots of float in powder. The board also has a pretty big “pop” sweet spot so it’s consistent when ollieing and snapping take offs. I really think it’s a high end board that is suited for every type of resort and backcountry riding."

Burton | Cartel EST / Malavita EST

"I’ve been on either the Cartel or Malavita for the past decade+ years. They are the work horses in the line. Cartels are a bit stiffer and are more aggressive, so they're good for people who ride backcountry or choppier terrain. The Malavitas are less stiff, so they work great in the park."

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