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Trevor Schy | Photo Rob Lemay

Mt. Seymour, a place full of snowboard history, a mountain that eludes visitors, a local scene that holds the secrets of their mountain tightly. It has been the building block for the Canadian snowboard community. It is also home to the Annual Baked Salmon Run event.

Unless you have been in a drunken slumber, you already have seen or know about the Salmon Run, a brainchild of Salmon Arms Nic Heringa, DWDs Jeff Keenan, Scotty Fierbach, David Birnie and Union/Capita’s Tony Lefroy, all life long Seymour loc's. The Baked Salmon is an event that is made from the blood, sweat, and tears from the community surrounding. With a banked slalom as the centre stage, the true event of the day is everything that surrounds it, from the rail setups, beer gardens to the impromptu jump. It is free for all with the true spirit of snowboarding at its core.

This race is hardly a race, it is like no other in the world. There are no gatekeepers, there is not a strict schedule, there are no real winners of losers. This event gives the community an excuse to come together and celebrate. One can find themselves carving down the perfectly manicured bobsleigh-esque berms, riding all the famous side hits in lines of 30+ riders one behind another, to cheering on your friends in everything from an ollie off a cliff to learning a switch backside rodeo on a hand dug jump. The day has no rules and the winners are the ones that showed up. It is an event that the unexpected happens, and to be there is the all-encompassing reason why we dedicate our lives to the lifestyle of snowboarding.

Huge thanks to all the Diggers that came up in the rain and snow to build the run. Special shout out to Jay Hill and Dom Pelosi for the Cat work; as well as Aaron Butcher, Simon Whitehead and Eddie Wood from Mt. Seymour. This event is not possible without these people.

E man follow cam filming
E-Man Anderson | Photo Rob Lemay

Fastest Salmon Downstream


1st Rob Lemay - 37.77

2nd Scot Brown - 38.14

3rd David Joncas - 38.94 (last years winner)


1st Alexa Welgan - 41.37

2nd Kea Mowat - 41.75

3rd Frederique Joncas - 41.75 (because of the tie we looked at their combined 2 run total and Kea had just won)


1st Rouben Price - 42.13

2nd Chad Weiss - 43.83

3rd Aaron Guliker - 44.78


1st Lauren King - 103.37

2nd Bella Brionis - 155.47


1st Cash Cooper - 53.28

2nd Brayden Ritchat - 60.14

3rd Gavin Pedersen - 68.17

Gallery Photos by Tyler Quarles

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