4/20 Dust Games, Whistler

April 20th is a well known "holiday" for marijuana enthusiasts. This year however, for a modest size of Whistler residents it was Max's birthday, and the day for this year's Dust Games. And here to explain it's origins is a founding member of the Dust Crew, Wes Wittenbois.

“A bunch of friends and I just wanted to do a contest one year in the skate park. There was snow still one year and we did a snowboarding contest. The next year, Whistler bowl and dodge ball. Two years ago we raced from the mini park to the skatepark. And same sorta shit this year. Caribou hooks it up which helps. And more people come each year and help out. Dominos hooked it up too. We always do it on someone's birthday. Newman's, Max c, TK's and more are all born within 4 days."

Here're a few photos and video recap from local King Snow correspondent Rob Lemay. And YouTube vid c/o Toni Maserati (Cody Wilson)

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