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COVER | Louif Paradis, Roof Ride to Boardslide, Photo by Eric Lamothe

AK Initiation Heli time with the legendary Absinthe film crew

By Erin Hogue

"My phone lit up with the familiar buzz of text coming through, it read: ‘Book your flight now before you leave your house.” The sender—Justin Hostynek, renowned Absinthe Films’ director. It’s 7 a.m. and I’m busy getting ready to roll out for a day of sledding in Whistler. A moment of hesitation quickly creeps in; I want to be all-in but am torn because the only trip I had planned this season was also scheduled for the same week. Quickly I shake off that hesitation. I can’t say no to Absinthe, in Alaska no less—that’s would be crazy!"

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Best Story Ever | Jeremy Jones

"My heart sank. And my anger and concern heightened. I ran to the front desk, the kid working told me had made a key for room 220 for a man in his mid-50s, “Was that not your friend?” he asked me. I tore into the kid to get more details and came to find out that he had kicked a drunk homeless-looking man out of the pool for swimming naked due to customers complaints about 4:30 pm. The same man came back 15 minutes later and told him he needed a room key for his room 220. This kid at the front desk actually made it for him! No ID, no name check, nothing."

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Mo Money Mo Problems: Sailing The Phase

by Jesse Fox

Does the magnitude of the production hold the level of riding back?

Travis: I mean, there's no way around that fact. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. Straight up. Eric: Straight up. Travis: Our production is huge, and as incredible as our whole production crew is... it's amazing what we get done with the amount of gear that we have. Inevitably, you're always going to be a little limited with these cameras. It's just the nature of the game. The more cameras you bring, the more people you bring, the more cumbersome the project gets. Straight up, it makes it more challenging. To be at the right places, the right times, and the freedom to go anywhere you want, you lose that the more you bring into the backcountry. I think that's kind of a testament to how solid our crew was.

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HOME | Jake Kuzyk. Vancouver, BC

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Spin to Win: Kael Hill

by Evan Rissi

"For the most part, a lot of it has to do with the struggles that I put myself through trying to make snowboarding happen without funding. I also had some issues with abusive situations when I was a kid, so that’s the motivation for giving back there. For me, it’s an understanding that the snowboard industry is all about people that “take take take,” and don’t really give back." - Kael Hill

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