On Saturday, the Seymour community came together for the 9th Annual ECS Invitational. It was a strong showing from all involved, with Jack Dougall taking the win after a hyper-progressive super final that saw the hand-dug quarter pipe absolutely go off. 

Another standout performance came from the road crew, a tight-knit group of shredders who put in work in the week leading up to the event to ensure accessibility for Russell Lee, who is still recovering from a significant fall from a roof. The trail to the spot was absolutely paved, really a work of art.

Vern Petty went big, landing hammers with raw style. Jadyn Chomlack looked clean in the vert section, but was cut before the mega final. Brin Alexander didn't dig enough to earn an entry bib, but he flashed up for a hit or two. His first T doublechuck almost earned him a late wildcard entry, but rules are rules. TJ Koskela made tricks his own, Coulton Conway went to space, and Al Stathis worked corners into mind bending lines. Head Builder Ben Bilocq was seen trading notes with Logan Short, and the two of them worked fundamentals into increasingly technical McTwists, Rodeos, and Handplants.

This event is an extension of the so-called good old days, of the era in snowboarding when coming together and shovelling was part of a day on the hill. The people who put it together have been doing it since day one. As he left on Saturday evening, Dave Cashen said "Thank you all for keeping Seymour Seymour." We want to echo that sentiment. If you snowboard, get together with your friends and build a jump. Keep up with it, enjoy the process, and all the rest will follow.

Words and Photos | David MacKinnon

Al Stathis

Keenan Filmer

Brin Alexander

Building, building, and more building

Jadyn Chomlack

The Champ, Jack MacDougall

Jadyn Chomlack

Lars Isaksson


TJ Koskela

Al Stathis

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