Antonin Chamberland

Antostools cannon

List all of the tools that you roll with to shoot in the streets.

It’s a long list: Winch, bungee, polypro tool shovels, three push shovels, two types of ice picks, generator, 3,000 watt off white lights, many electrical ropes and splitters, two different ladders, tuning kit, aluminum drop-in ramp, and propane tank and torch. But the most important is the backpack and the toolbox with some various very important stuff: Lithium battery powered grinder, drill, saws-all, yellow caution tape, three work vests, 10 small cones, a few polies for the winch, and many other tools, like a hammer, pipe wrench, files, and so many things.

Why do you bring so many tools?

It opens up more options. You have access to more setups and can build things differently, bigger, and higher. I just don't want anything or anyone to stop me doing the trick I see possible somewhere. It fucking sounds selfish and it is [laughs].

What's the most important tool in your kit?

The snowblower. It saves me time and energy, and it packs the snow really good, so the takeoff and landings actually hold up. 

Is there a spot you hit in your Shredbots part that wouldn’t have been possible if you didn’t have all of these tools? 

The Nollie Frontside Wallride. That took three hours of snowblowing at a 34-foot wall that needed a ladder, bungee for speed on the roof, and I had to cut a piece of metal off the wall with the tools. Also the Frontside Invert. You don't really see it in the shot, but the quarterpipe is like 10 feet high and it took about two hours to set up with the snowblower and plywood. Plus, we used the winch, lights, and generator.

What are your thoughts on modifying spots to make them rideable? Like, cutting parts of handrails and whatnot.

That’s the though part. I really try to stay respectful to the environment and to property owners. If I break a lock, I will buy a new one and leave the key in it for the owner to find. Or sometimes I’ll take apart a fence, but I’ll put it back together after I’m done.

Do other riders call you to shoot with you just because of all of the tools you have?

I would think so, yes. But some of them are really thankful, too. Some don't realize how much money it’s all worth. Just a metal blade for the saws-all is $50, so if you break three in one night, you will have to skip a party!

How many of your tools did you steal from the fire department?

Very funny.

It seems like some of your tools could get you in trouble at a spot if you were caught cutting locks or fences. What’s the worst kick-out you’ve ever experienced?

I’m really good at hiding all the proof that could lead to the stuff I did. A quick example is if you have a chain around two doors of a fence with a lock. Well, instead of cutting the lock, you cut the last loop of the chain that will free the lock and it will look like the last person forgot to lock it. Then I’m innocent.

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