Mt. Seymour is the beating heart of Canadian snowboarding, and a two-year-old artery is the Baked Salmon Banked Slalom. This is the result of years of planning and hard work. Last year the course spawned its way through Mystery chair. This year the tireless Salmon Army found its home under the Brockton chair. The bank turns were 10 times as high. It barrelled its way top to bottom and even had two "short cut" tunnels a la Mario Kart. It was perfect.

The park staff put in a few features to keep everyone busy, Cariboo held down the beer gardens, what more could you want? Andrew Geeves even rallied up a mini big air by the bottom burn. The weather had been shit for the whole week leading up to the event, and somehow it cleared up. I'm telling you, this place is special. And to top it all off, in some weird twisty turn of events, the snowboard Gods made one media guy (me) fast enough for the day to take top spot. WTF?!

See you all next spawn.  - Rob Lemay

2017 Baked Salmon Recap and Gallery Here

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