Seb Picard and King Snow staff photographer Joseph Roby break down what it took to make this monumental trick and cover image happen. Watch Seb in his movie, Toonies. And shop and subscribe to King Snow Magazine.

Seb Picard, Cab 270 [o] Joseph Roby

"On this morning we rode pow next to the St. Lawrence river. Louif Paradis jumped off one of the biggest cliffs Quebec City has to offer like it was nothing. Then, we made our way to this industrial spot at a Steel Distribution company called Acier Picard (Picard!), to find Anthony Drolet already there shovelling his ass off, building this gigantic landing. He was mainly blowing off steam as his 16mm camera broke up the day before. It took us a while to get everything ready, while the sun was slowly going down. We watched our friend Seb slam on this thing for a while, but Coach Lou was there to cheer him up and he kept that landing as soft as it could be. Seb landed this perfect Cab 270 Lip as the sun was still lighting up the whole feature. Shout out to Zak Hale for hitting this spot first, but we had to rename it, Seb-Acier Picard, after this day. Legendary." —Joseph Roby

[o] Joseph Roby

I would drive by this spot while I was in high school but didn’t think it was possible. Frank April brought the idea of hitting it to life more than a year ago, and our good friend Zak Hale hit it straight after. Shout out to Zak for being the first to hit this spot. He went 50-50, Boardslide and then Frontside Boardslide. Honestly, I was not really excited to hit it. This trick has been in my head for almost a year but every weekend I'd find any reason to not go 'cause I was scared. We had to build a landing over a big concrete block to make sure everything was safe. And for the speed, I built like a four foot snow drop-in, really close to the edge of the roof. It was easy like that.We were tight on time and showed up to the spot at 2 p.m., our filmer Anthony Drolet had been there since noon, shovelling by himself. I had shaky legs the whole time. Can’t remember how many tries it took but it was a short session. I just blacked out, got lucky and some magic happened. This picture is going to be an all-time memory for me. Thanks to everyone who was there to help to make it happen. —Seb Picard

[o] Joseph Roby

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