We couldn’t believe that Monster Boarderstyle is its 7th year. Then we started reminiscing. The one where Will Jackaways won. The time Terje showed up. Scot Brown, Rube Goldberg… the memories flooded back quickly. Monster Boarderstyle has gone from being an experimental event to a legitimate tour poised to make its greatest impression to date. With three event stops and $30,000 in prize money, the one-of-a-kind snowboard contest is charging through British Columbia.

For the first time, Boarderstyle was let loose on SilverStar Mountain. There was lots of snow, but not a lot of visibility. The locals showed up in numbers and the park staff killed it with a course that included a kicker into a mogul field, a hairpin quarter pipe cut-back, a tire-land-labyrinth and a proper cat track gap jump at the finish.

Five brave women battled the obstacles, all had a great time, several of them stomped landings and everyone survived a difficult set up. It was Jacqueline Atteridge taking first away from CJ Derpak, who was favoured to win.

In the Open Men’s field, it was anyone's race. In the finals ex-local Rhett Haubrich found himself trailing in 4th, he sent a hail Mary Cab Double on a jump so small it was a suicide mission. He crashed fantastically, was physically fine, and happy to walk away with 4th.

Local shred Isaiah Peters had Monster Energy pro rider Charles Reid on the ropes. “Isaiah is fast, man. So fast. He was just gone.” Charles beams, “I only caught him around the last corner. Isaiah was in a close second behind Charles at the finish line and unfortunately couldn’t put down his high-speed backside 540 leaving the door wide open for “Flying” Phil Fortier who stomped a deep backside 720 to put himself in 2nd, bumping Isaiah into 3rd. Charles Reid had the fastest time in time trials and didn’t loose a heat all day. He walked away with $5,000. “I’m going heli!” Charles was ecstatic, “I’m spending it all on Heli boarding. I can already hear the rotor turning!” This was Charles 2nd time winning a Monster Boarderstyle.

Next weekend Boarderstyle hits Fernie Alpine Resort, March 17th & 18th. Click HERE for more info. Hope to see you there.

All Photos | Russell Dalby



1st Charles reid ($5,000)

2nd Phil Fortier ($2,000)

3rd Isaiah Peters ($1,000),

4th Rhett Haubrich ($500)


1st Jacquelyn Attaridge ($800)

2nd CJ Derpak ($400)

3rd Maddie McConomy ($200)

4th Annibel Bennett  ($100)


Boarderstyle: [also see: fast-freestyle] A hybrid boardercross, slopestyle, obstacle course race where 4 riders run the gauntlet simultaneously. A step-down jump awaits racers at the finish line. On this feature, it is mandatory to perform a full rotation trick (360 spin, flip, or greater). Riders will place in the order they cross the finish line. UNLESS! The rider placing behind performed a superior trick. Judged on difficulty, style, and execution. Judges then have the power to reverse the placing order of the riders in contention. Dreams will be shattered, glory will be stolen.

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