Holy smokes. The final stop of the 2017 Monster Energy Boarderstyle Tour didn’t disappoint. Stacked cast, creative and consequential course, tight finishes, huge upsets — this one had it all. We hate to say you had to be there… But you HAD TO BE THERE.

The crew at Whistler Blackcomb parks killed it. The pool of demise, step-up-forest, banks, berms, spines and a lofty and sendy jump at the bottom rounded out the course.

As always, 32 qualifying men battled in 4 man heats. We lost some good boarders along the way and with the final 4 in place, it was anyone's game. Scot Brown, Felix Dellaire, and “Flying” Phil Fournier all past winners. Jesse Millen rounded out the heat and was ready to upset.

Around the last corner, it was hella tight. They crossed the finish line stomping like so. Scot Brown in first, with the dopest Front 360. Felix Dellaire in 2nd, he brought a Frontside 540. Flying Phil went backside 900 (on a powder board no less). And Jesse Millen was within arms reach behind Phil with a deep and proper backside 7. The judges placed and everyone walked away safe and happy.

There were 5 Women in the mix. Then one took a swim in the pool during practice and had to bow out to avoid hypothermia. This Boarderstyle shit is no joke. Alexa Welgan was fast af. No one could touch her. Gillian Andrewshenko went massive with a Frontside 540, Kierstan Higginson 360’d into 2nd and Frederique Joncas rounded out the top 4.

Shout out to Monster Energy for keeping the unique and highly entertaining event going. See you next year!



All Photos | Russell Dalby


1st Scot Brown ($5,000)

2nd Phil Fournier ($2,000)

3rd Felix Dellair ($1,000)

4th Jesse Millen ($500)


1st Alexa Welgan ($800)

2nd Kierstan Higginson ($400)

3rd Gillian Andrewshenko ($200)

4th Frederique Joncas ($100)


Boarderstyle: [also see: fast-freestyle] A hybrid boardercross, slopestyle, obstacle course race where 4 riders run the gauntlet simultaneously. A step-down jump awaits racers at the finish line. On this feature, it is mandatory to perform a full rotation trick (360 spin, flip, or greater). Riders will place in the order they cross the finish line. UNLESS! The rider placing behind performed a superior trick. Judged on difficulty, style, and execution. Judges then have the power to reverse the placing order of the riders in contention. Dreams will be shattered, glory will be stolen.

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