Age | 22

Place | Whistler, BC


Where did you grow up and when did you start boarding?

I grew in the house we’re in right now, in Whistler, BC. I started boarding when I was five years old. Basically, grew up boarding Whis my whole life. My parents killed it.

When did your parents move to Whistler?

I don’t know the actual year, but my parents were both patrollers on the mountain. My mom threw avalanche bombs, blowing shit up. She’s hype. I have some old snowpack logs from 1989 to prove it.

I heard you work as a stuntman in Vancouver. Is that right?

Yeah, that is my occupation.

How did you get a job like that?

My dad has been a stuntman forever. Like, back in the day, when he started, he was good enough with ropes from being a rock climber, that when they would ask if he could do any random stunts, he would just say, yes, even if he didn’t. Now he’s a stunt coordinator.

What’s the next stunt that you’re going to do?

I’m doubling for this kid that had a crazy mohawk, so I have to shave the sides of my head, and then ollie over a cop on a skateboard, and mob away power sliding.

What movies or TV shows have you been in?

I use to do a lot of kids stuff. I did some shit for Nickelodeon. Like in the movie, Escape From Lemoncello’s Library, I was the werewolf. We filmed it in a basement at the old Riverview mental hospital. I’ve done some cliff jumping, and boarding stunts. I filmed a boarding commercial in China.

Yeah, I was gonna ask about your China trip. How was it? You went with Scot Brown and Don Wheeler?

Yeah, dude, heavy crew. Sick times. I always looked up to Scot Brown. He was the first dude I saw do a blunt on a snowboard. It literally changed my life. And Don, obviously, just the madman he is. It was such a sick trip. The Bruners homies were there, too, which made the trip even better. You gotta go watch their movie. We filmed an NBA commercial one day. They had a basketball hoop on the hill. Scot and me were trying to do an Alley-Oop. Scot was so hyped trying to get it through his legs, so determined to get the shot. Food wise, it was KFC and Pizza Hut every day. Those were the only two places we could go to that we knew what we were eating. Plus, we had an insane amount of free Corona, and lots of vaping. I got the other boys on the vape, too.  

Ollie Over Boardslide [o] Rob Lemay

Who, or what, are The Shithawks?

Ooooh, the Shithawks. The Shithawks are… I don’t even know. I guess Nelson Languedoc was the first homie to bring it up back when we were in the Whistler Valley program. We were like 13 or 14 years old, boarding together, and it was the one design that stuck. We did some Lama Co stuff that was funny before. We liked lamas. It was lamas with lazer beams and wings. It was sick, but we kinda just switched and went to the Shithawks. It had more of a base and good vibe behind it. Now I just draw them everywhere. They’re like stuck in my head. It’s all over everything I own. Follow the Shithawks!

Who helps support your boarding?

Sandbox and Kevin Sansalone, he’s dope. He’s been hooking me up forever. He lives just down the road, and lets me skate his mini ramp. [Nic] Heringa with Salmon Arms, he’s the shit, too. We got some new collaborations coming with Roctraco. You guys are gonna be hyped. David Brocklebank, with Dope, thank you for everything. This board I’m riding is amazing. Today was fucking hype. I’ve got it set up centred and it’s still floating in the pow. Fix is also dope. They make some sick bindings. Big thanks to Jason. Timebomb Distribution is also hooking up some stuff. Nolan apparel too. They’re all the shit. Oh, and Spy for all the weed design goggles.

What’s the best part of boarding?

All the homies. Linking a few good turns together, and everyone hooting and hollering, making it safe, but still having fun. I just took my AST level 1 avy course to get a bit of safety knowledge. Even though there’s statistics that show once you take the level 1 course, you’re more likely to get in an avalanche.

That’s kind of what they say about helmets too, when you wear one you’re more likely to take more risks and get hurt. Still, it’s way better to have both. Did you always wear a helmet?

I’ve dibbled and dabbled, but pretty much always worn a helmet. There’s times like the glacier season when it sucks hiking with a facemask and helmet. It gets so hot that you end up taking it off. It’s definitely good to wear, like with Kody [Williams] hitting his head last year, you know, shit happens. It’s good to be safe.

What advice do you have for kids just getting started?

Just keep boarding. The more you do it, the more fun it gets. It’s fucked. Once you get the snow to do the thing, you can jump off anything you see.

If you could, what advice would you give your future older self?

Don’t do drugs. That’s a big one. Back bars are tight. But you can’t stay there all the time. Try not to live there too much. You’re paying rent somewhere, so you might as well be at home.

[o] Rob Lemay 

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