Portrait [o] Joseph Roby

Interview by: Liam Hall

Age | 26

Place | Oyama, BC

Sponsors | Signal Snowboards, Modest, ThirtyTwo, Union, Salmon Arms

Bryce has to be one of the most easygoing, likeable people around. He’s a snowboarder—it’s as simple as that. I know, a cliche thing to say in a snowboarding mag. He’ll be out there rain, sleet, or hail doing what he loves. Unless there’s a disc golf thing happening, then disregard everything above.

Hey Bryce, got any nicknames?

Some people call me Bryce Bugatti. It just started out as a joke as they all do and basically got taken way too far. My buddy Jake Carney's a skier and he would just ski as fast as he possibly could and I would be right behind him. I guess Bugatti’s are fast and it somehow stuck.

Where are you from?

Oyama, British Columbia.

I thought you were from Alberta? Why do you keep talking about Alberta?

Yeah, I know you did. My dad has a farm up there, near Calgary, I'd go up and stay for the summers and work with him. They had a bunch of farm animals, chickens, peacocks, cows, pigs, sheep.
Bryce Bugera Full Part - Day Late and a Buck Short


Yeah. We had five peacocks. They're the worst.


They eat all the food. We had a bunch of farm cats, you'd try to feed the cats, and the peacocks would just be running in there, complete dickheads, eating all the food.

Got any other farm stories?

One time I was trying to get rid of a bunch of sparrows that were eating all the chicken feed, I shot a couple with a pellet gun and they fell into the chicken coop and the chickens just went to town, they're basically cannibals. Freaked me out.

I've heard pigs are carnivorous, but chickens?

Oh yeah. Pigs eat everything, right?

Gap to back lip [o] Joseph Roby

That thing that happened in Vancouver a while back with that pig guy comes to mind, Robert Pickton.

Yeah, the pig guy. I actually listened to a few podcasts about stuff like that. On long drives, I end up listening to podcasts.

What kind of podcasts are you into?

Stuff You Should Know is the big one, but I went through a phase when I was driving from Whistler to Kamloops where I'd just listen to serial killer podcasts the entire way. I'd get into Kamloops and just feel really weird.

You’d come to Kamloops to snowboard street. What’s the situation like?

There's a lot of really scary spots in Kamloops. It's just chock-full of some of the most famous spots in BC. There are some pretty iconic spots you'll see around.

Front Blunt [o] Joseph Roby

Mark Sollors comes to mind.

Yeah. I feel like there's not a whole lot of nice inviting down bars there.

On the subject of street spots, where's your favourite place to ride street?

I don't know. It depends on who you're with and the snow situation, so anywhere can be really good. I was in Sudbury, Ontario, last season, that was a highlight. We had a dope crew. All the spots were already scoped out because Marcus Skin (our filmer) was there for the month prior.

I noticed you've been popping up in a bunch of different projects in the last few years, care to give us a rundown?

I’ve been lucky enough to get a few opportunities to hop on a few trips. It has basically been through the friends that I’ve met travelling through Australia and New Zealand. They are unreal, and I couldn’t be more stoked that they wanted me to be involved in their projects. I also got a chance to film a bit for a Signal video this year, but the pandemic got in the way of that. Hopefully there will be more of that this coming season. 

Right on, what are your plans for next season?

Just going to try to take the next winter off work. I want to keep filming with Put It In The Bowl, and if any other opportunities arise, see if I can capitalize on them. 

SW Backside 50-50 [o] Joseph Roby

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