BURTON | Keep On Camping On

Here’s the one-two punch that caps many a camping night:

1. A raging fire contained within a ring of small rocks.

2. People staring at it.

So what about when it hasn’t rained for a month, the whole province is burning down, and the watchful eye of a looming Mt. Currie sheds a profound tear as it looks down upon you? You skip the shitty campfire that’s what.

Mission accomplished at Burton’s inaugural Camp On event this weekend, deep in the cockles of the Pemberton Valley. My fellow camping amigos and I were hypnotized not by flickering flames, but by the live, spirited ballads of Marble Canyon and their arrangement of sweet lamps.

Between the insane feasts of locally sourced goods, provided by Pemberton’s own The Collective Kitchen, we fished for lake driftwood and hurled axes around at targets, placing high-stakes bets on the outcomes. Our thirst was abated by the sweet nectars of The Pemberton Distillery and Coast Mountain Brewery well into the night, as DJ Da Roza searched tirelessly for his Ace of Base playlist. When the unstoppable forces of naked hot tubbing transpired to illustrate to us the true majesty of nature, we did what we hope anyone would do: We kept on camping on.

Many thanks to Nathan Benson and Burton, The Collective Kitchen, Marble Canyon, Ashleigh and Jay, Forged Axe Throwing, Pemberton Distillery, Coast Mountain Brewery, and all the fine humans that came and did their thing.

Burton Camping Collection

All Photos @MiraeCampbell

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