Catalogue | Louif Paradis

IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, Louif is unlike any other rider of our generation. He is completely himself on a snowboard and has taken a stake in ownership of the streets. To me, he was really the first person to actually snowboard in the streets. Not just drop-in, hit a rail, stop before the snow runs out. He was utilizing multi-feature spots with natural speed and thinking outside the box. This inspired tons of riders to do the same, producing some amazing snowboarding and pushing riders to be more creative. The best part about Louif is that he isn’t just cruising through the streets. He’s punishing them. If you don’t know this for yourself then go study his video parts in Deja Vu, Running Perennial, and Patches. You’ll have these on repeat for the foreseeable future. Welcome to Louif’s Catalogue.

Words by Alex Beebe | Photos by Joseph Roby


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