AGE: 21

BORN: Mission, BC


How’s your season going this year? What have you been getting up to?

It’s going good. Boarded a bunch here on Whistler Blackcomb. Shout outs to all the people who helped fund my pass so I could keep boarding. Then I headed down to Cali,  cruised Big Bear, and got it down there. Filmed for a couple of Sunday in the Park edits. Shout outs to all the homies down there, espeacially Anthony Mazzotti, Lenny Mazzotti & Justin Mulford. Then when Vancouver had snow, we got a couple of clips in the streets. Shout out to Dylan Sheidow for hooking us up all the spots we never knew existed. Now I’m back here at home and scheming to board Whis park and skateboard everyday.

Getting the shot of Gradestone

How did you get started sewing and customizing your clothes?

Well, back when I was in sixth grade I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my grandma and she taught me the basics. I started making hoodies because I was really inspired by Leigh Powis. He always made his own clothing, and I wanted to be able to make whatever the f*ck I wanted and rep it on the mountain. I thought that was sicker than having something everyone else already had.

I started making a bunch of hoodies and selling them at TMC Freeriders shop in the village during the summer of grade six to seven. Ended up making $2,500 bucks and I had more money than the other kids in my class. I was hyped on that.

I fell off of that for a while cause I was so focused on boarding. It was only recently that my girlfriend Mary Power and I went half and half on a sewing machine. Ever since then I’ve been way more inspired than ever.

Back 1 Nose

Do you have a favorite brand or designer?

The one that sticks out in my mind the most is Nolan Apparel. Big shout out to Brandon. He’s a G. I like what he does with his brand and how he portrays it all.

Indy Tailbone

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this winter?

I was really hyped on Buzzcut with Jed Anderson cause it was a surprise to see the footy. I’d heard rumors but didn’t know if it was true. Hyped to see more from him.

On Instagram, the one that really pops out in my mind I don’t even know his real name. He goes by @east.bumfucc and rides Mission Ridge. He’s a f*cking G dude. Blake Lamb has also been a huge inspiration this season.

Spring Melt 5-0

What music have you been listening to as of late?

In the morning I listen to Jimi Hendrix. When I’m boarding I listen to Lil Reek and Gucci Mane.


What board are you riding now?

It’s the Marijuana board 151 from Dope Industries motherf*cker with a Shorty’s sticker on it.

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