By Rob Lemay

You just came back from California recently. How was Bear Mtn?

It was fun, but I forgot my knee brace though somehow. My dad reminded me when I was already at the airport. Was kinda stressing on that for the couple days leading up to the contest. Thankfully didn't think about it at all while I was boarding. The set up was awesome, thank you: Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails and Bear Mtn. It was a blast. Love you Dad.

What did you get up to in China for three weeks last winter?

Brin Alexander, Don Wheeler and I cruised around to a few different resorts for the King of the Mountain events. Thanks to Fix and Dope Industries that was fun. The Bruners are hype, got to ride with them a bunch too!

You’ve got some big news from the summer...

Yeah! Got engaged this summer. It's great! Been drinking way more Champagne [laughs] Kayla and I hiked the Chief in Squamish after work on the summer solstice. I asked her on the way down while checking out Shannon falls. She said yes! Oh yeah, and she came with me to Bear. She was my coach. Plus, I’m an uncle now. My brother Eric had a baby girl named, Bodhi.

Any plans for this winter?

So far just board as much as possible. I haven't got any real plans yet. I would love to go back to China for round two, ding ding.

Scot Brown front 50

What’s something crazy you do if you won the lottery today?

Have a crazy Halloween party of course. I’d invite all my friends and my friend’s friends, and even they're friends. Maybe rent out the Round House at the top of Whistler or something. Fingers crossed everyone would be able to keep their seasons passes after.


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