COVID - 19 has been causing its fair share of problems. It has closed hills and rec centres, cancelled vacations and schools, and even made the average person feel a little scared to go outside. It’s a weird time.

However, times like these can bring good things too. For example, when Sir Issac Newton learned of a plague coming to London, he practiced his own social distancing and went to his hometown of Woolsthorpe, staying there for almost 2 years! During which, a very legendary apple fell on his head. This apple is what set the foundations for his theories of motion and gravity!

In history, this time would be known as the time of The Great London Plague - which killed almost 25% of London’s population - but in Newton's life it’s known as his “marvellous years.”

So, although this is a weird time, and things may be uncertain - like whether Holy Bowly will be cancelled! Remember, that weird can be good. Weird can focus you, allow you to dream up next year's part, or think up a new trick. Here is a list of inspirational videos to get your thinking started.

By William Fraser | @whilebeingwilliam



Right Brain Left Brain:



Time Well Wasted: Andrew Geeves
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