I was lucky enough to spend a morning with Crystal Legoffe and Jackie Carlson. These ladies rip and do it with mucho style. Amazing people, very unique and they had me laughing all day. It was rad to hang out and get to know them. Stay tuned for more from these two; sky's the limit. Side note: Have you ever brought a toasted sandwich for lunch? Jackie did and it looked amazing. She had pistachios and dates to go with it, game changer.

By Rob Lemay


Where were you born and where did you grow up riding?

Crystal- I was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. My local mountain was Mt. Sima.

Jackie- I was born in Oakville, Ontario. I grew up riding at Mount St. Louis.

Who are your top 3 boarders?

C- Tess Coady, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, and Andre Benoit.

J- Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Hailey Langland, and Henna Ikola.

What's your favourite run on the resort?

C- Oh man, I don't know any of the run names! If there isn't fresh snow and the park's not firing, it's any cat track with side hits! If there's fresh pow definitely some tree runs on Crystal or Excelerator.

J- Blackcomb Park is definitely my favourite run.

Crystal back board on the c-rail.

What's your favourite snowboard movie or edit?

C- PARTY LAPS gets me going every single time. It never gets old! I also really enjoyed the Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding, the Manboys movie, Suzy Greenberg 270, and Landline.

J- Tangle is my favourite movie right now.

If you could ANY brand to ride for, who would you pick?

C- Maybe Whole Foods? it would be sick to have a grocery plug and get to eat the best food all the time.

J- I'm gonna have to say Theragun, or Fabricland cause the got the best fleece.

What's a random fact about you two that we should know?

C- Jackie used to keep snacks under her bed because she would wake up in the middle of the night hungry.

J- She is allergic to Kiwis, but not Aussies I guess.

What is Jackie/Crystal's best trick on her board?

C- Jackie has a dope front 3 poke and I've seen some reeeeeally nice front 5s lately.

J- Her almost switch back 7.

What makes Jackie/Crystal happiest when she's not boarding?

C- Jackie is happiest when she is surrounded by the people she loves, if she has that I think she'd be happy doing anything.

J- She likes a grapefruit sour beer.

Jackie front board. Note the sandwich.

Happiness in her hand.

Park or Pow?

C- Pow.

J- I might need to pick powder.

Rails or Jumps?

C- Jumps.

J- Jumps.

Bright colours or Dark?

C- Bright.

J- Bright colours.

The Uninvited or Too Hard crew?

C- Too Hard made me really stoked when I first got into boarding.

J- Too Hard crew! They really got me into snowboarding and they can take some gnarly slams.

Cheese or Chocolate?

C- Cheese.

J- Definitely chocolate.

TikTok or Instagram?

C- TikTok.

J- Instagram. Mothers against TikTok.

Whistler or Blackcomb?

C- Blackcomb.

J- Blackcomb.

Photos or Video?

C- Video.

J- Video.

Crystal nose pressin all day.

Crystal back board on a perfect Arena Snowparks down bar.

Jackie front board up the tube.

Crystal mute on the Blackcomb hip.

Jackie tail grab on the hip.

Crystal backside boardslide through the kink.

Sup Jackie?


Bonus question from Crystal for Jackie.

If you had to choose one these super powers which would it be and why?

1- You have super strength but only when you're drunk.

2- You have super speed but only when you've had a little too much weed.

3- You can walk anywhere in the world. It always takes 30 minutes (going 5 minutes away and 5 hours are the same) but if you touch any kind of transportation vehicle it immediately explodes.

Jackie front 3 tail.

Crystal front 3 indy.

Crystal and her boyfriend Ben started a web series called Mediorca. Check it out below. She also did all the animation art. Nice work Crystal! You and Jackie are both crushing it. Thanks for hanging out. Keep killing it!

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