We checked in with Dakine’s Director of Digital Marketing, Colleen Quigley, to talk a little more in depth about the recently launched Dakine x Aesmo collaboration that is currently available.

To give you a bit of a background on this collaboration, Quigley offered this insight, “Dakine rider, Wolle Nyvelt built the first Aesmo noboards in a garage with little more than a sander, two hands, and a radical idea free of any notion of how a board should look or ride. Ten years later, Aesmo has evolved to bring together technology, art, and fun in a completely new way to ride the mountain. Fusing elements of the style of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, the binding-less boards draw inspiration from the basic principles of each.

“We worked with Wolle to create a small collection of products that celebrates his dedication to standing sideways, craftsmanship, and building products that help make the most unexpected days some of the sickest days.”

How did the Dakine and Aesmo collab come to fruition? Who approached who first?

Our product team was in Europe for a sales meeting two years ago, and while they were there they met up with Wolle and Stefan for a tour of the Äsmo workshop. We’ve worked with Wolle for so many years on the team side of things, it’s been really rad to watch Äsmo grow and take hold, as a completely new thing in snowboarding. Not to mention what they create there are pieces of art. As you could imagine, the whole crew came back pretty inspired and energized around the idea of collaborating with Wolle and Äsmo on a backpack and apparel collection that transcends surf, skate, and snow.

How involved was Wolle Nyvelt in the design of the line?

Wolle worked closely with our product teams on color and design. The green interior and patch design are direct inspirations from the interior of his workshop. Wolle wanted to use packs that work on both the mountain, and for surf and skate missions, so the Mission, Trek, and Section wet/dry packs were used. Durability and craftsmanship was a key consideration, so we worked closely with Wolle on bringing in a bomber Cordura material for the line. 

You’ve described the collection as a fusion of form and function from skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. What are some of the must-have collab pieces for the upcoming season?

A team favorite has been the Äsmo Trigger Mitt. Team riders are really hyped on the stealthy black look and the super-durable Cordura materials. The Section wet/dry pack has been really popular as well, for surf, travel missions, and everyday use. And the Trek pack is a classic silhouette that is really popular for travel and down days. The durability and feel of the material of this pack has been a real point of interest.

Any plans to expand the pieces in the future or is this a one-time deal?

Wolle will continue to be on our team for as long as he wants—he is a legend in our minds. We work closely with team riders on designs, features, materials and new styles, so we will continue to collaborate with Wolle for sure. As for an Äsmo collection, this is it for now.

When will the line be available in Canada?

It is in stock now! Although we’re selling out quickly.

Anything you would like to mention about the collection we didn’t cover?

In the end, we are always seeking collaboration with our team and what Wolle has done and is doing is really rad. We’re really stoked to have worked with him and Stefan on this collection, drawing on basic principles of each sport and celebrating craftsmanship and durability.

Courtesy of The Board Press .ca

Take a spin through the Dakine x Aesmo Collab here. 

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