A name we’ve heard and seen a lot of over the past decade. She is an example of persistence, dedication, and so much heart. I say heart because I’ve been with Darrah on many sessions, and she always reaches for the best she can do, or even two steps out of her wheelhouse. She’s calculated, purposeful, ambitious, stubborn AF, and ready to go to war. 

Words & photos by: Rob Lemay

There are a lot of naturally talented people in the world that might come and go, but the ones that love it more than their well-being are the glue. They are the hardened gum under the table at the restaurant. They’re sticking around. Darrah has had to fight hard each season and for every opportunity. She’s not giving up. 

Many of us might question if this is the right choice to continue pursuing this life before the start of a new season. Is it going to be as much fun as last year? Is your dad maybe right and you should take the job at the bank? There’s a lot of LIFE telling us not to spend all our time and money snowboarding all winter again. It’s really incredible that anyone can spend their life doing what we do, and Darrah’s not taking any of that for granted. She’s out there getting as much out of this life as she can. 

Darrah’s life as a snowboarder has never been an easy one, and through everything, she's stronger than ever. This winter, she has more support than ever before. She’s competing on the Natural Selection Tour! She’s riding and filming in the Whistler backcountry. She has help from her honorary manager Jess Kimura. There’s no giving up. She loves this shit too much. 

Hell yeah, Darrah. We’re stoked to see where you go from here. 

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