Dillon Ojo & Spencer Schubert

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Photo: Crispin Cannon

Words: Evan Rissi

Do you remember the 1997 John Woo masterpiece, Face/Off, starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage? Of course you do—It’s one of your favourite movies. Well, we here at King Snow decided that the concept was just too good to stay in the ‘90s, so we decided to update it for this very issue. Yes, we have the technology… And yes, it’s possible to swap two people’s faces and interview them as the other person. If you actually think about it, it makes perfect sense. This is 100 per cent real science at work. So here it is: Dillon as Spencer, and Spencer as Dillon.

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Dillo Ojo, Nose Press, Nose Press, Nose Press, Nose Press, Quebec, Photo: Eric Lamothe

Dillon as Spencer

Where are you from?

I live out in Salt Lake, but I’m at my parents’ right now in Bend, Oregon. It’s been good and fun. I’ve been trying to get out in the backcountry, away from rails.

How sick is the United States, though? 

Yeah, I loooove the States. There’s so many good things to do here. Great winters, great summers. What sucks, though, compared to Canada, is the drinking limit. For a guy like Dillon, it really sucks because he’s underage. Canada is way sicker for girls and poutine, too.

Are you picky when it comes to girls?

Not really. I don’t really judge a book by its cover. I feel like whatever is on the inside counts.

Living in Salt Lake, are you a Mormon that practices polygamy?

Exactly. I currently have 13 girlfriends. 

Respect. How many of them are super fat?

Probably around… 12 of them. The other one is my main chick. Got her off Tinder.

What is your favourite meal?

Probably Ma’s meatloaf, for sure.

What’s the most annoying thing you do?

I love to steal food off people’s plates before they’re done eating their meals.

What do you hate the most?

My hair. I hate my hair because it’s super straight. I get perms put in so it gets curly. At first it looks like a crazy wig, but then it levels out.

What do you do when you’re really excited?

I do this insane, psychotic laugh… And then I start talking in this shitty Jersey accent for like an hour. It’s great.

What’s your favourite music right now?

Probably the Champagne Papi. Drake. I just love how emotional he gets, you know? I can relate it to my everyday life. I’m a very emotional person. I get very sad and sometimes cry listening to his music when I’m alone.

What trick do you do too often?

The Backside 360 onto anything. It’s like my pocket trick, so… I do that whenever I can.

What mark are you going to leave on snowboarding?

I’d like to be known as the guy who’s always doing Backside 360s onto rails. Or, for doing the most Backside 360s onto rails ever.

What is your dream sponsor?

Supreme. I’m a really trendy skater, so I like doing Slappies, Wallies, No Complies…

When you go skating, what kind of kit do you wear?

The usual… Wifebeater tucked into my pants with about three rolls up over my socks.

Who is your idol?

I’m gonna have to say Drake. Drake or Dillon Ojo. Or Sage Elsesser.


Dillon Ojo, Boardslide, Quebec, Photo: Crispin Cannon

When you go pro, what will your first graphic be?

Probably something with my dog, Pancho. He’s like a Beagle or something.

What’s up with Dillon?

He sucks. That whole idol thing wasn’t true. I’m not down.

Is he a piece of shit or what?

He’s kind of annoying. He’s still a teenager. I spent all winter with him and pretended he was my homie. He has these weird French Quebec words and his English isn’t that good, even though it’s his first language.

Describe your friendship with him.

Well, despite what I just said, I look up to him even though he’s younger than me. Plus, I wish I was black. He’s got an unfair physical advantage on me because of his race. He uses the race card all the time, but it’s probably because of all the semi-racist stuff I say. We’re like Ebony and Ivory. I wish I was him. He’s always doing Halfcab Nosepresses, but I bet he wishes he could do Back Threes onto stuff like I do.


Thirtytwo, Etnies, Ride, Dragon, Elm, and Stance.

Backside 50 50 backside 180 out 3194

Spencer Schubert, 50-50 to Backside 180, Quebec, Photo: Oli Croteau

Spencer as Dillon

Where are you from?

I’m from Montreal, which is in Canada, which isn’t as cool as the States.

How sick is Canada, though?

I mean, if you like ice and French, it’s pretty cool.

But you like both of those things, right?

Yeah. I guess. I grew up speaking English, so I have really bad French and also really bad English.

Well that makes sense. What is your favourite meal?

My favourite meal is smoked meat. There’s only one type of smoked meat in the world. It’s red.

Are you picky when it comes to girls?

I only like white girls. Black girls aren’t as good.


Spencer Schubert, Gap to Boardslide, Ogden Utah, Photo: Bob Plumb

Have you fucked many fat chicks?

I’m like 12, so I don’t think I’ve even had sex yet. I’m looking forward to my balls dropping soon, too. Hopefully before I get my driver’s permit.

Dillon, What’s the most annoying thing you do?

Well… I always call shotgun for the car, but I call it when we’re still inside. It’s really not fair at all. I like to listen to my own music exclusively, even if there are other people in the car.

What do you hate the most?

What do I hate the most? I hate birds. They remind me of the white devil.

What do you do when you’re really excited?

I like to stick my tongue out. Kinda like Michael Jordan, even though I don’t know much about him. His number is 23.

What’s your favourite music right now?

I like R&B… Like Ashanti and other stuff. I listen to rap, too. You can catch me listening to Young Thug.

What mark are you going to leave on snowboarding?

Probably a big one. I’m kind of wide for my age and I fall down a lot, so I’ll probably leave a big mark on it.

What is your dream sponsor?

Yo, Supreme would be tight. I like shoes a lot. I’m hella trendy, yo. And I live close to New York, just on the other side of the border.

Who is your idol?

Spencer Schubert. Because he’s like, smart and hot.

When you go pro, what will your first graphic be?

Probably chocolate milk. I love that stuff. Hopefully I will go pro soon. People better recognize my talents.

50 50 gap boardslide 6129 modifier

Dillon Ojo, 50-50 Gap Boardslide, Quebec, Photo: Olu Croteau

What trick do you do too often?

Halfcab Nosepress, baby. All day.

What’s up with Spencer?

Other than being smart and hot? I know quite a bit about him and I idolize him because he’s such a good person. He was born in California back in ‘93 to two ski bums and raised in Bend, Oregon, where people ride powder, yet he rides rails. He’s mad tall and lanky.

Is he a piece of shit or what?

I think he’s a piece of shit. I’m probably just really rude, though.

Describe your friendship with him.

We’re close. We’ve spent a lot of time in hotel rooms together. Sometimes if he’s really tuckered out, I’ll throw an arm around him for comfort. We’ve got it pretty dialed. Ebony and Ivory.

What’s your perfect day like?

I wake up, drink a big thing of chocolate milk, then I worship my shrine to Spencer, then I go to the resort and do a ton of Halfcab Nosepresses, then I go and get some smoked meat and listen to Ashanti.

Anything else?

When I got second place at Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails, I didn’t give a fuck about the ten per cent rule. I bought Spencer a drink, though. No new friends! I don’t fuck with that. I wake up early and eat Cheerios every morning, even if we’re supposed to go eat a team breakfast. I don’t fuck with that.


Spencer’s mom, Vans, Stepchild, Dragon, G-Shock, Dope shit, and Stance.

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