Freeride Boardshop | Downtown Throwdown Rail Jam

Penticton, BC, Saturday, January 20th
Snowboarding at a winter carnival? Makes sense when you think about it. The city of Penticton included a rail jam into the Frost Fest winter carnival, a free spectator event at Gyro Park in the heart of downtown Penticton. The BC Hockey League All-Star Weekend was taking place, and there was a great view of the rink from the drop-in to the rail. There was also entertainment for kids, a DJ, Food Trucks and a Beverage garden. But the main show was the downtown throwdown rail jam. A fun setup built with shipping containers under the bright lights made for quite the spectacle, with a large screen set up to show live boarding and replays. The weather conditions were ideal and brought a great turnout to watch the boarders, quite the difference from being kicked out of spots when trying to snowboard in a city. The evening went smoothly, with prelims featuring riders of different abilities and ages getting whittled down for the finals, which kept the crowd entertained. It’s amazing to see such a small community come together and make such a fun, free event for people of all ages. Hopefully, more places will be encouraged to do the same.

Thanks to Rob at Freeride Boardshop, Jeff at City of Penticton, the judges VJ and Josh. And Josh at Apex Freestyle Snowboard Club

MENS 1st  Geremy Guido, 2nd Pat Hrivnak, 3rd Joshua Reeves
WOMEN'S 1st Jessie Broster
Best trick, Sebastien Brule
Words and photos by Evan Chandler-Soanes


Geremy Guido 

Hayden Edward

Jessie Broster

Jonah Marvin

Pat Hrivnak

Feed wagons

Riders meeting

Men with mics

Jessie Broster

Pat Hrivnak
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