December, 12th 2017 – This past Sunday church was in session up at Mt. Seymour. It was more of a spring day than one in mid-December. The sun was out and a solid 100+ riders turned it up for an afternoon rail jam that ended up being somewhat of a clinic put on by the best boarders around. Lucio Doglioni Majer took top honours with some beauty gap Front Blunt Pretzels on the down-flat-down rail, among his other maneuvers. I asked one of the men behind the event to give us all a better idea if what took place.

“So it was put on by myself, Tyler Holm and Garret Louie through Timebomb Trading. Jesse Robinson Williams put together the poster. The idea was simple, put together an ideal set up in the form a sacred Church rail garden. All features created perfectly in the eyes of the steel lords. Then we would open the course for local heathens to repent their vial sins on some twisted metal. In exchange, sinners would receive communion based on the maneuvers they put down, with one final recipient receiving a penance for his great offerings to the higher power. The event was powered by Thirty Two, Dragon, Stance, Sandbox, Timebomb trading, Cariboo, and of course , Snowboarding’s Bethlehem, Mount Seymour.” –Matt Heneghan

All Photos [o] Rob Lemay

 Evan Stum, Frontside 360

 Scot Brown, Switch Nosepress

 Scot Brown, Switch Frontboard

 Lucio DM, Planted *Winner*

 Matt Heneghan, Ben Bilocq, Matt Butel, Lucio DM

 Lucio DM, Back Lip

 Luciano Babaie, Boardy

 Colin D Watt, Tall Boy

 Don Wheeler, Frontside 270 Hardway to Fakie

Don Wheeler, Switch Backside Lip 

Don Wheeler, Backflip 

 Don Wheeler, Front 360

Dmo has been found 

Derek Molinski, Front Blunt 

Matt Butel 

Brin Alexander, Back Lip 

 Keenen Filmer, Switch Nosepress 

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