Why do we snowboard? We should all be able to agree that we’re out here for a good time. Whether for you that’s pushing yourself to death-defying limits, or keeping yourself safely close to ground and butter’in your day away, the end result should be the same, to have fun.

The HOLY BOWLY is unequivocally fun. It is really like the Bonus Level in a video game. We mostly spend our winters riding the local hill dialling in the hit runs, or travelling to other resorts for more hit runs. The Holy Bowly is the Holy Grail of hit laps, and these are far from the ones you're used to. It's like the giant skatepark of your dreams, this year’s course offered up endless transitions and possibilities.

Huge thank you to Krush for having us again and to all who help bring this event to life, Snowboy, Libtech, Pisten Bully, Arena Snowparks, Timberline Resort, Monster, and everyone who helped dig and rake. – Rob Lemay

Ben Bilocq Backside Air Over the Clouds

Course Abstract

Darrah Reid Miller Flippin' the Volcano

Everyone Rakes

Finn, Backside Tail

Jake Kuzyk, All Smiles

Kai, Backside 180

Kai, Stalefish

@kody69 Blade Rider

@kody69 Shifty Business 

Krush Opening the Opus

Jake Kuzyk, Backside 360 Mute

Master Builder, Lucas Oulette

Lucio DM, Butter 

Lucio and Finn, Dubs

Nic Heringa, Backside 180 Carving on the Dish

Nic Heringa, Planted

Pete Cimmino, Serves Roast Beef 

Sage Kotsenburg, Backy

Zak Hale, Backside 180 



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