Banff Sunshine Village hosted Snowboy’s one-of-a-kind Holy Bowly event from April 25th to May 1st, 2022. Riders worldwide made the trip to Canada to ride endless lines through 30ft volcanoes, bumps, hips, and giant satellite dishes, all crafted with precision and care. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before (I always likened it to a bonus round in a video game). Every feature is a beautiful snow sculpture transitionally designed to carry speed or get some airtime. It’s a real sight. 

Krush Kulesza, Snowboy Head Honcho, and his team spent a week of long days and nights building and shaping the course. At the same time, Krush is flooded with last-minute emails from riders trying to get a spot in the private portion of the event. A mix of returning riders and a few lucky first-timers showed up ready to rake. That’s right; every participant is expected to rake and shape the course at the end of every day. Don’t want to rake? That’s fine. You don’t ride. It builds camaraderie for those that do.

Holy Bowly is everything you want from an event. It'a getting to spend time with your snowboard fam from all over the world and riding larger than life transitional art sculptures. If that’s not bonus round living, what is?

The week went by so fast. Every day had its highlights. With so many riders on course at the same time, it was impossible to catch it all. It’s great to see photos and videos coming out after the event and to relive moments you might have missed. Take the time and look through our photos and make sure to watch the official video.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this event possible, and a huge thanks to Krush at Snowboy, and Kendra at Sunshine Village.

Words and photos | Rob Lemay

There she is in all her glory, the 2022 Holy Bowly course.

Lucas Ouellette professional snow sculptor.

Do not fuck with the cat.

Jack and Jon.

Jack and Jon, closer up.

Phil Hansen, scientist.

Brin Alexander, professional stunt man.

Maggie Leon, treasure.

Jack Macdougall, having a time.

Queen Darrah, atop her throne.

Who's on your team?

Big Lou.

JF and his daughters Juliette and Billy.

Ben P Vs. the Volcano.

Hello Brin.

Caleb Chomlack post haste.

Jack, inverted.

The Sushi man, Keenan Filmer.

Again, mr. Sushi, Keenan Filmer.

Ben Bilocq, monsieur transition.

Bruce Johnston first timer.

Bryan Bowler blunted, "What's up ganstaaaa?"

Finn Westbury front 3.

Jadyn Chomlack, big fan.

Jess Kimura. What a fucking legend.

Truth Smith, rising stock.

Crystal Legoffe, aka Crashstal pressing the giant reset button.

Garrett Baker nice with the poke.

Flo Corzelius all things proper.

Devin Tubbs with the airtime.

Jack Hessler with the big backy for the finale.

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