Age | 15

Place | Pemberton, BC

Sponsors | Volcom, Vans, Oakley, NOW, Capita, The Circle, Whistler Blackcomb

Damn, look at that fat stack of sponsors! You find room for all those stickers on your board?

Uh huh. Yeah, I make room.

Anyone paying you the big bucks yet?

No, no one’s paying, but I get some really good stuff.

You ever sell your stuff at school?

Uh, no. I haven't really... I sold a couple of old outerwear pieces, but...

You live in Pemberton, do you go to school there?

I go to school in Whistler.

There isn’t a high school in Pemberton?

There is, but I don't think it's that good. It's rated 13th worst in Canada.

Where does Whistler rank on that list?

I think it's a bit higher. I'm not really sure.

The 12th worst maybe? You were just in Costa Rica. I saw you surfing big waves, bro! You moving to the beach? Eating acai bowls and talking about the connection between your board and the water? Or are you going to stick to snowboarding for a bit?

I'm going to stick to snowboarding for a bit. I’ll still eat acai bowls on the side though.

[o] Chad Chomlack

What's up with that snowboard mag you made?  

It was actually a school project. We had to take up a project for a whole year, and I had a fascination of seeing what making a magazine takes and stuff, so I started making one. It turned out pretty good.

Why did you call it Paradise?

Because it's based in the mountains, and that’s paradise for me. Being in the mountains and snowboarding.

Rad. Do you want a job at King Snow when you're finished high school?

That'd be pretty sick. Probably.

You can have my job. So, your dad shoots snowboarding for a living. Does he take your photo all the time?

When we're together, we don't really want to shoot. We just really want to ride together and not use a camera, you know.

You ever hear him come home and complain about his day at work? Do you ever hear him complain about pros?


[o] Chad Chomlack

Yeah?! Who, or what is making his life difficult?

I don't really want to say names, but sometimes when some of riders are having meltdowns or something.

Does he ever give you tips on how to look good in photos? Critique your style?

Not often, no.

Did he teach you about “loading the tail?” Do you know that photographer trick?

No, I don't.

You pile a bunch of snow on the tail before you hit a jump, so you get that cool-looking snow trail.

I'll start doing that.

He should have taught you that one. It looks good, even on park jumps. So what do you want to do in snowboarding?

I would love to just snowboard and to have fun, just keep doing it as long as I possibly can. I'm really into contests right now, so I want to keep doing that for a while. But mostly just board with my friends.

Anything needing to change about the contest thing?

I think a snowboarding event should be run by snowboarders.

Amen. What’s on the snowboard bucket list?

I want to film some parts. That's my goal: street, park, powder. I want to be that snowboarder that has a part with it all.

You’re a bit of a video frother. What have you been watching a lot of?

Well, like Beacon... I've been watching that and I'm watching The Pepper Video. Probably my favourite movie of all time, right now. It's so sick.

Nice. If you could ride like anyone else for one day who would it be?

Alek Østreng… or Louif Paradis

You got anything you’re loving on or hating on in snowboarding these days?

I think it's all sick. I just love snowboarding as a whole. Everyone's doing their own thing, which is sick. I feel like you need someone doing everything, like quads. That's sick if that’s what someone wants to do. Or if a snowboarder is just turning and having a good time, even like a Jerry out there having a good time. I think that's sick too.

Anyone you want to shout out as we shut this thing down?

Yeah, I'd like to thank Whistler Valley, and my sponsors—they’re a huge help, and my parents, for sure, they’re always supporting me.

[o] Chad Chomlack

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