Really good snow in the valley bottom around Whistler isn't very common. The amount of snow and the quality that we were treated to these past few weeks really only comes around every ten years or so. When Jeff Keenan invited me to shoot some pillows around his house it sounded promising, but I really didn't expect it to be this good. Thank you to Jeff, Leanne, Darrah, Marie, and Timmy.

-Rob Lemay

Leanne Pelosi X5 [o] Rob Lemay
Jeff Keenan on the KWON WALL [o] Rob Lemay

"It's magical seeing snow stack up right in our backyard. We missed a few epic days on the mountain to take advantage of something we never get to do. Watching Jeff rip a gnarly line a rock's throw away from our house is just confirmation that we love where we live and wouldn't change that for the world."

-Leanne Pelosi

Jeff's view of one of the zones.
Jeff & Leanne backyard satisfaction.

"These 10yr storms are ones we live for. We have been scoping some rock formations in the valley for years, just waiting for the next one to hit. We pass these walking our dog every day."

-Jeff Keenan

Jeff Keenan [o] Rob Lemay
Behind the scenes Leanne.
Darrah Reid-McLean [o] Rob Lemay

"I'm still not sure I really understand pillows. How to choose them/ how to gauge speed for them/ etc. Watching Marie, Jeff, Leanne, and Timmy choose their lines and confidently maneuver down them was so rad and inspiring. Also felt very Canadian that we were out snowboarding in their backyard with the dogs running around and getting pitted with us! A really fun day!"

-Darrah Reid-McLean

Marie-France Roy [o] Rob Lemay
Marie-France Roy
Darrah, Leanne, & Marie.
Timmy Taussig [o] Rob Lemay
Leanne & Jeff.
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