Parents come in all shapes and sizes. Some are loud and attention-grabbing, while others are of few words. Some are long-winded, detail-oriented, and assertive, while others are very hands-off. The many emails involved in making this article series was a reminder of that. Those emails were also a good reminder that our parents, in their own unique way, are present throughout our entire lives. They see us at our best and at our worst. Therefore, they are probably the most important people to talk to when it comes to getting to know someone, even though they are often overlooked. This series flips that on its head. Adapted for the web – from issue 12.3 – this six part interview explores the childhoods of Scott Stevens, Mikey Rencz, Jody Wachniak, Mark McMorris, Seb Picard, and Chris Rasman, from the perspective of their parents. To backup MaryAnn and Bill Stevens, and aunt Katie from last week, we have Doraine and Dennis Wachniak this week, the parents of Air Time Podcast host and style god, Jody Wachniak.

Doraine & Dennis Wachniak interviewed by William Fraser

What superhero did Jody want to be when he was growing up? Would he dress up like that character? Would he fight crime?

GI Joe, for sure. Jody had a massive collection and fought crime every day.

What was little Jody’s favourite food growing up?

A good old-fashion Ukrainian meal or roast beef with Yorkshire pudding.

Baby Jody

What was it like when Jody first said he was moving to Whistler?

After a couple stints at Camp of Champions, we knew life on the Prairies was not for him. We told him he had to finish his Grade 12 and have enough money to go. He worked hard bagging soil and loading trailers until he had enough money.  He studied hard and graduated in January. Then, he was GONE!!! 

What was it like when you realized Jody wasn't gonna get a “real job” out of high school?

We thought that the worldly experience would be a great thing for him. We thought after a while Jody would get tired of couch surfing and being broke, and that it wouldn’t be long before he would come home. 

Bagging soil

Have you always been supportive of Jody’s snowboarding? Was there a time where you were really wondering what the heck he was doing?

I loved what Jody was doing, but there would be times when we would get calls from hospitals asking for Jody’s health card because he’s in the hospital unconscious. Not knowing how bad he was hurt drove us nuts!!

Do you have a favourite video part?

The Manboys, UMAMI. I (dad) went to the premiere in Whistler and Jody got the ender. The boys showed me a great time.

Boarding with the homies

“Like most, the older I get the more grateful I am for my parents and all they’ve done for me and my sister. I mean, hell, they let me move to the mountains when I was 17! They’ve always been so supportive of me chasing after my dreams no matter how absurd they seemed at the time. They rule.”

Jody Wachniak

Do you have a favourite trick that you like seeing Jody do?

Not a trick so much, but I like when I see him on up-close shots and can tell he is having fun.

Do you have a good story for us? Something that you’re the proudest of your son for? 

I guess a good memory is when Jody called and said he was finally going to get paid to snowboard. We were very proud that he followed his passion. He wanted to be a snowboarder and 15 years later he’s still going.

Jody: Switch backside 180 [o] Tim Zimmerman

And, lastly, do you listen to the Airtime podcast?

I listen to all of them. He loves to talk.

P.S. If I was 50 years younger, I’d love to be with him on top of some mountain somewhere. I guess I’m living my life through him. Love you son!

Grad 12 grad!
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