Justin Meyer

I've had the pleasure of filming with Justin since about 2007. We’ve worked together on Sunday In The Park, Think Thank’s Thanks Brain and Stack Footy, Videograss films, and of course some of my favorite years at Mt. Hood HCSC. Justin is an unreal filmer and a mastermind to endless amounts of snowboard movies from over the years. Filming with Justin is very natural. He has a great eye for bringing all the key moments to life. Just watch any Videograss movie and the personality that comes out is a tribute to Justin's filmmaking. It's more than just snowboarding. It's all the moments and hi-jinx that happen while trying to get a clip. I'm very excited that Justin is taking the reigns on the new 32 video. He's a true professional and my favorite guy to film with. —Scott Stevens

Top 10 Parts:

1. Lucas Huffman, Shakedown

2. JP Walker, Decade

3. Justin Hebbel, Love/Hate

4. Gus Engle, Patchwork Patterns

5. Scott Stevens, The Last Ones

6. Scotty Wittlake, Revival

7. Scotty Wittlake, Happy Hour

8. Louif Paradis, These Days

9. Louif Paradis, Deja Vu

10. Matty Ryan and Bozung, Love/Hate

Top 10 Tricks

1. J.P. Walker: Switch Nosepress on a flat bar at Snow Summit, Technical Difficulties

2. Jon Kooley: Backside 270 anything

3. Scotty Wittlake: Double Boardslide in Tahoe, Happy Hour

4. MFM: Switch Frontside 1080, Burning Bridges

5. Mikey Leblanc: Switch Backside 180 to flat at Brighton, Destroyer

6. Mikey Leblanc: Big Bear double set Ollie, Bon Voyage

7. Louif Paradis: Full Cab Fakie 5-0, Videograss

8. Jed Anderson: Switch Backlip the Helsinki kink, Shoot The Moon

9. Jordan Mendenhall: Switch Rodeo in the pipe, Burning Bridges

10. Justin Bennee: Switch Frontside 270 on battlefield rail, Burning Bridges and 91 Words For Snow

11. MFM: Frontside 360, Love/Hate

12. Gus Engle: Melon over a tree in Sean Genovese's part, Thanks Brain?

13. Gus Engle: Backside 360 in a bath robe, Patchwork Patterns

14. Darrell Mathes: tailpress anything

15. Joe Sexton: Switch Nosepress kink, Cheers

16. Nima Jalali: Fakie Frontboard 270, Some Kinda Life

17. Danimals: Nosepress 360, Shoot the Moon

18. Shane Flood: Frontside Invert to Revert at the TWS Team Challenge at Keystone

19. Louif Paradis: Boardslide to Lipslide, Deja Vu

20. Jed Anderson: Switch Backside 270 forward, X Games Real Snow

Top 10 Movies:

1. Shakedown

2. Love/Hate

3. Whiskey 1 and 2

4. Revival

5. Gen Pop

6. Happy Hour

7. Decade

8. One Love

9. Technical Difficulties

10. Destroyer

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