Kael Hill


Greetings, friends :)

I wanted to give you a quick update for the season. I have been traveling with no vehicle—hitchhiking and catching rides—with a shit-ton of canvas in the U.S.A. for the past month and a half, documenting the creation of an adventure art series, following the creation of the art, and capturing scenes of beauty, synchronicity, and conscious people I meet along the way in the form of video, audio, and picture documentation. Initially, I had fully intended to go to Hotdogs and Handrails, but unfortunately hurt my ankle a week before the event and was forced to go on a beautiful healing and creative journey with some very enlightened folk.

I will be utilizing the content to blast out a ton of blog posts for the website I created last year. I’m very excited about the content and the nature of the story—both from an entertainment standpoint, as well as spiritual growth and living. So far, I have been blessed to have some amazing experiences, including a yoga and meditation intensive before symbiosis at an amazing performance arts music festival; painting with world-renowned visionary artists and connecting with spiritual leaders in many disciplines; and following a journey through San Francisco with a filmmaker who is doing a project on rainbow gatherings. We headed to Mount Shasta for a rainbow gathering and conference that was in alignment with the full moon and eclipse. During the eclipse, I hiked a canvas to the top of the mountain and participated in a sacred aboriginal medicine ceremony, while painting throughout the duration of the event. These and many other wonderful moments will be shared on my blog.

I am currently grounded out in Williams, Oregon, getting involved in the community. A farm and supply store has allowed me to camp on their land and use their space as an art gallery and community-building epicenter. I have been running a daily free art program, getting projects started and giving people an opportunity to get expressive. This Sunday, I am holding an event with free coffee, a food truck, and a community art project of making signs to place around the highway to remind people to slow down in front of the school. I have found two awesome child musicians to play at the event, so it should be wonderful.

I am training every day and getting prepared to head to Vermont for the Rails 2 Riches contest, then to the Dew Tour for the Street Style event. I’m hoping to align getting enough gear to shred sent to Portland, so I can pick it up before heading to Vermont. If anyone has any suggestions on other competitions, film crews to link up with, creative projects and events, or pow-wows to joinin on, it would be much appreciated to hear about them.

Many Blessings,

—Kael Hill

PS—Later today I will send pictures of the art :)

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