Boardslide, Ottawa, ON. [o] Oli Gagnon

Jed Anderson and I were scoping in the area. I think I'd had a pin for this spot. I initially remembered it from an older SRD video. I took a couple of photos and thought it might be cool to boardslide, but I didn't really know. Then, one day, we didn't have much to hit, so I was like, "Screw it, I'll jump on it."

There was no natural speed. But across the parking lot were some pallets. We backed the truck up, stacked them in the box, and made a makeshift drop in out of the back. I had the fear about it not sliding very well, and it wasn't too cold out, so icing the ledge wasn't that awesome. I really didn't want to catch an edge. I kept on jumping too much on top and just getting kicked off to the side. The guys just had to watch me suffer for a while before I landed a couple of questionable ones and then I was able to clean it up. I was stoked to land it and happy to stop trying it [laughs]. I was glad I pushed through the fear and got it done. 

Jake [Kuzyk], Jed [Anderson] and I made a video this year with Hayden [Rensch], and people can see the clip there. Thanks to Jed, Jake, Hayden and Oli [Gagnon] for a sick year. Love y'all! —Kennedi Deck

Printed in the mag, Issue 13.1

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